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A woman plucking tea leaves at Narnya Estate


The story of this estate is one of healing. I arrived here seven years ago after a personal tragedy forced me to move from my home in Canada to Sri Lanka. After several months of looking for a place to call home, I came across Narnya.

At the time, it was known as the old Oakwell estate and was primarily used as a vacation property and not much was done in the way of land upkeep and much of the land had become overgrown. The groundskeeper’s house was inadequate and it was very much in need of repair.

Since I moved in with my two dogs, we have we have worked on upgrading the land and converting it to organic. Tea yields have now doubled, more than 7000 new plants have been added and we provide 10 jobs.  We introduced and adhere to strict organic farming practices and the estate is solar powered – all while striving to cultivate the tastiest and healthiest products we can.


Behind everything we do here at Narnya is our mantra. -
“From Our Hands – To Yours”.

For us, it means that everything we produce is of the highest quality. It is hand cultivated, hand harvested, hand processed. We stand by it, and we stand behind it.

But the mantra does not apply only to our products. It also speaks to us of the importance of handing the land down from our hands to the next generation’s hands. For far too long, abusive agricultural methods have taken from the land, leaving it tired and worn. We strive to bring the land back to life by using renewable energy sources, natural fertilizers and biodiverse practices.

narnya tumeric harvest

Our Estate in Numbers

We have come a long way sine the inception of Narnya.
New plants added
People gainfully employed
Increase in plant species count
in tea yield

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