Remembering the Start of the Pandemic
Thinking back on the dawn of COVID 19 and how this land helped us through it.

Almost two years ago my brother and his family came down to visit over March break. Two days after their arrival here, all hell broke loose. Flights were summarily cancelled. Borders were closed and we were all suddenly in quarantine. Their three week visit slowly expanded into a three month stay.

Strangely though, despite all the stress of this unknown danger called “Covid-19”, we managed to have a pretty good time. We were so lucky to be up here on the estate. It may have not been the easiest time, but it was very special. For once, in far too many years, we were all together – my brother, his kids, his wife and even my parents. 

The kids explored the estate, played with the dogs and tried their best to keep up with online school despite the spotty internet connections. My brother tried frantically to find a way home, while juggling his freelance work. My parents basked in the entire family being together, and I – I loved it, despite all the family drama, grumpy brother, pent up kids. I think they did too.

To see what I am talking about, check out this video my niece made. It still makes me smile.

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